Allow Advocate Lawsuit Funding to manage all your clients’ funding requests!

We handle all document submissions and applications so you can focus on what you do best!

Advocate Lawsuit Funding is able to provide funding all 50 states with some limitations such as the minimum funding requirements of $75,000 and $25,000 in Colorado and North Carolina. We fund on any type of personal injury case including but not limited to MVA’s (including soft tissue), premises liability, slip and fall’s, medical malpractice, product liability, 3rd party worker’s compensation and wrongful death. Additionally, Advocate funds medical and pharmaceutical multi-district litigation and class action cases. We will consider other types of class actions on a case by case basis. Civil cases funded in the past include discrimination, breach of contract, police brutality and wrongful termination. Please contact us at 888-296-8696 to determine what documents are needed to process an advance for your clients based on the case type.

Our rates range on average from 2.95% to approximately 3.5%. Depending upon the state, strength of the case and the type of injuries sustained, Advocate is often able to provide simple, non-compounding interest as opposed to compounding, thereby saving your clients a tremendous amount of money.

Advocate works hard to avoid over-funding by limiting the client’s advance to approximately 10%-15% of the potential net settlement proceeds. It is important to note that the types of medical treatments received while recovering may also limit the amount of funding available. This potential advance against the net settlement increases to 35%-50% if the client has accepted a settlement offer.

There are additional, one-time fees for your clients such as application and/or origination fees and these are clearly stated on any funding contract. However, when coupled with our lower interest rates, your client will often still end up owing less than they would on an advance from one of the larger more aggressive funding companies that charges high interest while compounding the rate. Additionally, Advocate’s fees come with services that benefit not only your client but your firm as well.

Quite often individual funding companies prefer to advance on certain types of cases or injuries and depending upon variables such as available funds or case development, their target lending demographics may temporarily change. Advocate keeps abreast of the industry trends; knowing who is most likely to approve your client’s case in the least amount of time and with the best interest rate.

Many attorneys or case managers may direct a client to one direct funding company and provide the requested forms or documents, only to have that client be denied. Each call the client makes to a different funder while “shopping” for an advance means more work and frustration for law firms as they respond to numerous requests for information. Advocate Lawsuit Funding requests and receives the documents from you once and then works with our underwriters to find the appropriate funding thus saving you, your staff and firm significant time and headaches. Throughout it all, you and your client retain complete control of the litigation.

Large law firms may receive so many funding requests from their clients that they have an employee whose primary responsibility is to process advance requests. Why increase your operating overhead with salaries and benefits when Advocate knows the industry and can provide the same services at great savings to you and your clients? Allow us to work on your client’s behalf and you’ll see lower overall rates and a significantly higher likelihood of approval.

Rather than using your firm’s funds to cover case costs and disbursements, allow Advocate Lawsuit Funding to provide you with working capital for litigation, operating expenses or other things like fee acceleration. We provide products for attorneys or firms who are primarily working on a contingency fee based model and can often underwrite a single collateral asset rather than placing a lien on an entire portfolio of cases. Enhancing cash flow can allow a sole practitioner or firm the opportunity to use both time and money for other things. Please contact us at 888-296-8696 to find out more.

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